Heriberto Yépez : Notes on art’s crap. AGAINST THE POLICE-CONCEPT OF ART

  1. Once art is invoked, every one around it becomes impelled to maintain civility. Behave. Obey. Take Your Place. Behave.
  1. Whether a material artifact, a verbal entity or a concept, we have arrived to an age where art serves a police function. Art is a context in which the concept of police circulates among its participants. Every element of art polices the others. Whether in front of a microphone, a painting, a book, an author, an audience, a camera, art sole communication is “Police Yourself”. And you are supposed to be the detective who finds other meanings in art and never find the police and the crime. You will police yourself to not ever find the police and the crime.
  1. Whenever, wherever, art exists, the body must behave well. This is what art contexts train human bodies to do. Art is an education to self-control yourself in order to enter art’s realm. In art’s realm pleasant feelings are provided for you to experience police as the most beautiful experience.
  1. The function of the Aesthetic is to sabotage individual discontent and prevent violent collective explosions.
  1. Art softens the senses. Art prepares persons to accept all sort of lies. Aesthetic contemplation is counter-insurgency in the form of delight.
  1. Police is the ruling concept of art.
  1. Works of art are part of the pacification apparatus.
  1. Works of art are part of the apparatus to pacify populations through the fantasy of a civilizational mediation happening through the educated classes. They consider this a utopia. Works of art are part of the apparatus to pacify the educated classes until they are reduced into agreeing among themselves. They consider this a triumph. And the artist and the critic make believe themselves they are questioning something.
  1. Works of art are civilizational devices designed to undermine bodily revolutionary forces.
  1. Works of art are surrounded by liberal and neoliberal agents in conversation, who whether aware of this or not, agree that talking-about is a good or great thing. They call it “dialogue”, and they think very highly of it, they regard it as one of their most cherished values, when, in fact, talking hours and hours about this or that only serves their own interests, it grants them high-culture status and functions, respectability, resources and jobs. “Dialogue” gives time for the killing machinery to continue. Art and Dialogue delay the decision to accept the overthrowing of civilization by ourselves or others. Art and Dialogue are counter-revolutionary.

    11. Art will not change. Art will not change art. Art will not change the world. The world needs to destroy art. The transformation of the world will involve the destruction of every form of art. Art’s self-destruction is not enough.

June 23, 2015

Archivo Hache >>> http://hyepez.blogspot.mx/index.html#972251031691559815



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