Hiroshima-Nagasaki Document 1961

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Document 1961 (Ken Domon, Shomei Tomatsu & others)

“This book—along with Ken Domon’s Hiroshima (1958), Kikuji Kawada’s The Map (1965)and Tomatsu’s 11.02 Nagasaki (1966), and —represents one of the most significant attempts on the part of photographers to memorialize the horror of the 1945 atomic bomb blasts. As Parr and Badger point out, they also mark a progression from a more “sober and didactic tone” to one that is “more symbolic [and] emotive”. Published under the auspices of The Japan Council Against the A and H Bombs, this book comes much closer—in feel at least—to an ‘official’ history than the two books that followed. Many of the photos contained here were reproduced in Tomatsu’s 11.02 Nagasaki, but to very different effect.” – photoeye

Discussed in Episode 2.9 with Russet Lederman and Jeff Gutterman



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